Timothy Miranda has been earning CPA affiliate commissions for years. In the last few years, he has been showing other marketers how he does it.

Along with two partners, he has just released new training they call CPA Income Explosion.

This is a complete guide to the strategy they have been using for regular monthly profits. You will be happy to know that you don’t need any budget, and, regardless of your background, you can start right away. All it takes is 30 minutes per day.

Miranda reports that you can start seeing results within 24 hours if you take the 30 minutes needed to set it up. They say they have been using it to generate $5K per month.

This is not the first training on using YouTube in CPA marketing. Many CPA marketers effectively use YouTube to generate fast profits with free targeted traffic. However, Miranda and his partners have designed a strategy that makes the YouTube process as fast and simple as possible.

Following their plan, they say, a marketer can start driving super-targeted free traffic in even the most highly competitive niches. You may be happy to know that you don’t have to be on camera to create the videos you use, and you can create them in just a few minutes.

CPA Income Explosion also reveals how to use Bing Ads to increase your income even more. Bing can help you to boost your video traffic or to direct link to CPA offers.

This approach to Bing Ads shows you lets a marketer achieve high quality scores and dominate the competition while generating responses that only cost you $0.05 per click.

IM NewsWatch has arranged bonuses for our readers, bonuses that show you additional CPA techniques. Check out our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for CPA Income Explosion.

If you are looking for training that will get you started in CPA quickly, check out Miranda’s new training here: CPA Income Explosion.

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