And savvy marketers want to sell to these people, people who are dedicated to their phones, not a computer.

Sell what? Well, there are thousands of products and services you might sell. One source of products that sell well is Clickbank. It has downloadable books and videos on just about any topic you can imagine, from Acne to Zoology.

And they all have good commissions for the affiliates who sell them, about 50% typically; sometimes even higher.

To help you build a business selling Clickbank products to mobile phone users, an Apex Elite Clickbank affiliate, Zhu Shan Shan, has just revealed his methods for using almost free mobile marketing to sell Clickbank products.

He calls his training Clickbank Mobile Secret. It shows you how to sell to mobile phone users without needing a website.

Due to his elite status in the Clickbank affiliate ecosystem, Zhu has gotten to know some techniques and traffic sources that most of us fail to see.

And he found out that over 18% of all ClickBank sales are now made via a mobile device. He saw an opportunity to increse his sales by explicitly going after those mobile users.

Now, he shares what he has learned in Clickbank Mobile Secret.

The root of this training is the almost free source of good, targeted mobile traffic. He also explains how to take advantage of this free traffic, which is where the power comes.

This low-cost training has some value on its own. However, we should warn you that to get the most from it, you will need the software in his OTO. Or you may already have software similar to his, or you may find other similar software, at lower cost than his, but it its almost impossible to implement his plan without some software.

But, even if you don’t invest in his OTO, there is one thing any mobile marketer will find helpful in Clickbank Mobile Secret, the list of over 20 online stores to sell your mobile apps. You don’t have to limit your sales to the Google and Apple stores.

We bought it. The cost is currently under $7, but rising. Our assessment is that despite his difficulty with English, it’s an interesting introduction to this marketing method, tailored to mobile users. Just understand that you will need to do some work, and you will need software to help you do it.

You can read his introduction and get your copy here: Clickbank Mobile Secret

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