Zap Deals: Scarcity engine to drive sales #ad
Sam Robinson has just released Zap Deals software It builds sales pages with a count down timer. Visitors have a limited time to decide and buy.
You will see it in action on their sales page. Once you land, you have 2 hours to buy. Watch the timer at the bottom of the page.
And that’s just the beginning. Zap Deals has a rich set of features to promote scarcity:
• You set up your sales page with either a time limit or a quantity limit for the deal.
• You can collect leads . You can even collect local leads and sell them to a local business.
• You can build deal pages for specific events, such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc.
• You can embed a video on your deal page to help sell the deal. Or demonstrate the product.
• You can select from a set of professionally designed templates to fit many offline (restaurant, dental, etc.) and online niches.
Whether it’s for your own products or for a bonus you offer as an affiliate, a count down timer or a limited quantity can increase sales. Zap Deals makes it easy to do either.
In case you are wondering, these zap pages are mobile-friendly.
Get the whole story and your own copy of this new software here: Zap Deals.

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