Many people are not maximizing their return on their investment in ads on Facebook. Facebook will do about 95% of the work for you (if you handle it right), and they don’t charge you for it.

There’s a new advertising platform that takes advantage of this Facebook facility to place ads on your fan page, in a (Faceebook-approved) way that avoids the Facebook fees.

So now you can get more fans, more opt-ins, and more buyers while paying a lot less.

The new platform is Qilio 2.0. The creators, Jay Venka and Vas Blagodarskiy, and their private clients have been using the 1.0 version since early last year. Based on their findings from actual use and the comments of the first users, Vanka and Blagodarskiy are releasing version 2.0 today.

The latest version offers you these benefits:

• You can easily schedule fan page, group & profile posts.

• By using laser-targeted Facebook traffic, you can earn more without spending a cent on FB ads.

• You can create automated campaigns in one sitting that will drip-feed results on autopilot.

• You can research content, create attractive images, and track statistics. all in one place.

• Your post analytics will give you an in-depth look at the response of your fan base.

They have made this tool easy to use. All you have to to get it running for your Facebook account is log in with your FB username and password.

You can get an early bird discount until 12 noon EDT today, so make sure to check it out now.

Also, they are only selling 1,000 licenses so you have 2 reasons to quickly review this new software and make your decision.

You can get it right now at its introductory price. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 30 days. Test drive it for 30 days before making your final decision.

Learn more, and get your copy, here: Qilio 2.0.

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