Verónica Maria Jarski says, “Is your website stuck in the past or in need an update? Here’s a look at some basics of a winning website, according to an Add People infographic.

A responsive design is a must in today’s smartphone-happy world. “A responsive website design will respond or adjust to the screen size of various different devices,” explains Add People.

The logo, font, and colors on your website need to be on brand. “A website having a consistent look and feel in terms of logos, fonts, colors,and language will create trust among website visitors and help to strengthen your brand’s identity,” suggests Add People.

Moreover, avoid generic stock photos. “Websites that don’t use generic stock photos often have 48% higher conversion rates than those that do.”

To find out more about website basics that captivate visitors, tap or click on the infographic“.

Design Basics of a Winning Website


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