IM NewsWatch has taken 50 Shades of Traffic to The Proving Ground

This is training on how to get traffic for your website, created by a team of marketers led by Peter Winyeci.

The heart of this product is the set of 16 detailed videos reviewing sites that can bring traffic to your site. I watched several of these videos and was pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness of the reviews. It’s not just that the list of sites is so thorough, including PPC options, CPV options, etc., as important as that is. But each site he reviews is reviewed in a thorough manner.

This is not just a list of sites in video format. Each site is shown, along with why it is a site worth considering. For example, its demographic profile (whether the site caters to gamers, or men, etc.) may be a perfect match for your product. With the information provided, you can make a sensible decision about whether a particular traffic source will end visitors who are interested in your niche.

From what we see, regardless of what your niche is, you will find at least 1 or 2 top-performing traffic sources for your site; probably a lot more.

But we want to also comment on the bonuses he is including. First is “Turning Traffic into Gold”, an audio e-book, read by an announcer. There’s good content here, but it isn’t as engaging as the voiceovers in the 16 videos. We had to work at paying attention. That’s typical when a generic announcer reads. Usually, he doesn’t really have a feel for the subject matter, and you can tell he is just being a paid spokesman. If you listen with pencil and paper and take good notes, you can learn a lot. Casual listening won’t do you much good.

(By the way, Todd Gross is an exception when he is doing marketing presentations. He’s a marketer from way back, and he knows well what he is presenting, even when he is presenting someone else’s product; his marketing expertise shows. James Carter is less well known, but his marketing experience makes him another credible presenter of someone else’s words.)

The second bonus is worth the price of admission, by itself. It’s a transcription of a speech by legendary marketer, Eugene Schwartz. It’s a speech given to other marketers, at Phillips Publishing.

Schwartz’s many years of creative ad writing at the highest levels of marketing have taught him many golden nuggets of advertising wisdom that all of us who write for a living need to absorb. Get it. Print it out. Read it once a week for a year. Then read it once a month for the rest of your career.

Do you really need 50 traffic methods? Maybe not, but experiment with several of them. Find the ones that work best for you. In time, you may try all 50. The 80-20 rule will probably narrow your choice down to 10 of the 50 that provide 80% of your traffic easily, quickly and cheaply. That’s enough to build your career.

Proving Ground Verdict: Approved. All marketers, beginners and experienced alike, will find 50 Shades of Traffic a good investment.

You can pick up a copy here: 50 Shades of Traffic.

By the way, leave them a review on their WSO sales page. Promising to do that can save you about $10.

Please Note: This is intended to be an unbiased review. Nevertheless, IM NewsWatch may receive a commission if you buy using the link in this article.

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