You may be familiar with SqueezeMobi, the site that produces themes and apps that marketers use to show their products on mobile devices. They have taken their design work to the next logical step.

Their latest tool for marketers is SocialVid InstaPortfolio. This tool sets you up as a consultant who creates professional social videos for your clients.

Many businesses have sites that look pitiful on mobile devices. Videos on those sites look especially bad.

You can offer those businesses a fresh, new video experience for their customers, one not dependent on their web site. And it’s a social experience, rooted in Facebook, at the same time.

How? Well, SocialVid InstaPortfolio is a Niche Facebook Video Sales Systems covering local and online niches such as Restaurants, Lawyers, Car Dealerships, Realtors, JVZoo Marketers, Udemy Course Creators, Online eCommerce Stores and 100s of other niches.

Once you have your SocialVid InstaPortfolio system installed (it takes only seconds to install) all the done-for-you
• Portfolio items (existing demo videos you can call your own)
• Graphics
• High-converting sales copy and
• More
are automatically apart of your system.

This colorful, professional site, filled with demos, becomes your “calling card”, showing potential clients what you can do for them.

Paypal is integrated into your marketing site so when a new client decides to buy, they can do it immediately, without having to call you first.

You can also add your portfolio of demo videos directly to Facebook for cheaper ad clicks. Facebook becomes your marketing tool.

Your portfolio site is fully mobile-ready so your clients can buy from their mobile phones or other mobile device.

The copy and graphics are professionally designed to position you as a 6-Figure Social Video Marketer who is skilled and professional, a leader in your industry.

This is important. If you want to charge $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 for your Social Video Services you need to look the part. This system will position you as the expert in your community.

And that has another advantage. Once they buy video services from you, they know you do quality work, and you can upsell them dozens of other online services.

To be clear, this is a marketing system to make it simple to sell social video services. To create the videos after the sale, you can outsource to Fiverr, use one of the several video applications announced recently, or use any other tools at your disposal.

This puts you in business instantly. If you want business clients, this is a quick way. Get the details here: SocialVid InstaPortfolio.

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