In the past year, there have been several new video creation programs released, such as:
VideoMakerFX ,
Easy Sketch Pro,

These new tools have been widely accepted by the online marketing industry. In fact, they quickly became top-selling products, together selling over 100,000 copies, including upgrades.

That’s because marketers have recognized the power of Whiteboard videos; they convert buyers than other video styles.

But as good as these tools are in helping you produce videos, the quality of the drawings you create is limited by your drawing skill or your budget for outsourcing.

Now you can skip paying graphic artists $25, $50, or even $100 an hour for drawing your artwork.

Maulana Malik has just released his Giant Video Kit Vol. 2
• A Huge Pack of Animated Characters
• 100+ Colored SVG Graphics
• More than 150 Whiteboard SVG Graphics
• High Quality Animated Explainer Video Templates

1. More than 100+ Royalty-free Music Backgrounds
2. Huge Pack of Motion Video Backgrounds

All these multimedia elements come with a Developer’s License, so you can use them on as many projects as you like, including projects you sell to clients.

You are getting a total of 1,400+ creative elements to mix and match, in this Giant Video Kit Vol. 2.

By the way, volume 2 continues the tradition established by the original Giant Video Kit at the first of the year. If you haven’t checked out its graphics, you will find them helpful, too.

The price is rising, so get your copy now: Giant Video Kit Vol. 2.

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