IM NewsWatch warned you about MobileGeddon. On April 21, 2015, Google changed its ranking algorithm to give preference to sites that are mobile friendly. All other sites have dropped in the rankings.

In recent months there have been a lot of things webmasters have tinkered with, hoping to improve their rank, things like on social media, Instragram photos, retweets and shares. But as of April 21, none of this matters unless the site is first friendly for mobile devices.

If you are not prioritizing support for your mobile visitors over all other tweaks and updates, you are behind the curve and need help fast. If you are a marketing consultant, the same is true for your clients.

Steve Benn has just released Cloud Prospect Machine to help you get your arms around this problem. And what’s more, if you choose, it sets you up as an expert in this problem so you can sell your upgrade services to business owners.

With Cloud Prospect Machine, you can:
• Check any site in any niche for mobile problems
• Create Target List Of Vulnerable Websites In Any Niche And Region
• Create Detailed Reports Highlighting Weakness Specific To Each Site
• Use the included Profile System to deliver Niche Specific Emails offering your Services

In other words, this new software finds the right people, points out the dangers for their site, gets them interested in your help, and helps you close the deal.

And to make this offer even more valuable, IM NewsWatch has collected a fine group of bonuses that will help you use Cloud Prospect Machine. Check out our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Cloud Prospect Machine.

Go here to see how you can get a slice of the ‘MobileGeddon’ Pie: Cloud Prospect Machine.

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