Shane Paxton struggled for 5 long years to get his marketing business into the black and supporting his family. As he looked at his situation and the scant success he had, he realized that the difference between his site and his top competitors was the level of authority.

Sites the search engines (chiefly, Google) consider “authority sites” in the niche are far more profitable than “me too” sites. So Paxton set out to find a practical way to build the authority for his site.

As Paxton says, “Authority websites are a different breed of websites that Google LOVES… these ARE the websites you want to build if you want to protect yourself from any future Google updates.”

He dug into the topic, experimented with lots of approaches, and finally created an approach that worked for him over and over, for many websites, raising their perceived authority many times.

He has collected all his findings into a new training he calls Niche Site Revolution.

With this new training, he says, you can build a high-visibility reputation, earn a lot of money and build a substantial list.

Fortunately, this training is not the theoretical kind that leaves you wondering how to implement it. Paxton includes check lists with specific actions to follow, so you know precisely what you’re going to do in a step-by-step fashion the moment you finish the course.

The whole process is explained in Niche Site Revolution, including:
• How to research your site to know in advance it’s going to work
• How to build the site so that it attracts visitors and converts them to buyers
• How to promote your site to build up a steady stream of traffic.

There’s no need to wait to build your better life. Get started now, for under $10, here: Niche Site Revolution.

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