James Renouf has produced many products for online marketers. Hie newest may be his best. It’s called Global Traffic Monetizer.

Renouf is going to show you a game plan for getting traffic and converting your visitors into buyers. After all, these are the two ingredients for online success: (a) Getting plenty of traffic and (b) turning your visitors into buyers.

Renouf has observed that YouTube is being changed by the changing demographic of video watchers. It used to be that almost all the viewers were PC or Mac users. Now, half or more are using a tablet or smartphone.

In fact, there are many people (billions of them, according to Renouf) who only use a smartphone to view video. They don’t want to be tied down to a desk; they are on the go and they want their video to go with them.

If you are going to sell to these mobile viewers, you need a way for them to directly respond to your video without jumping through a lot of hoops. They need a link directly from your video to your offer. That hasn’t been available before, but Renouf shows you how in Global Traffic Monetizer.

This revolution is coming. In a year, over 70% of video consumption will be on mobile devices. Whether you’re ready or not, mobile is taking over.

The strategies in Global Traffic Monetizer will give you the insight into how to cater to the mobile viewer so you are not left behind.

Renouf is giving you a chance to get ready here: Global Traffic Monetizer.

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