You need to have an ongoing conversation with your followers if you want them to remain interested. The best way to do that is with helpful, periodic emails.

Now you can collect email leads right inside your Facebook news feed using the new advanced social marketing technology in Social Engage. This new software, which goes live on Feb 9, allows you to embed high performance opt-in forms right inside its social video player inside Facebook.

Social Engage works in Facebook News feeds, Fan pages, Groups, Event Pages. It is Facebook TOS Compliant; that’s important; you don’t want to get banned. It’s Fully Mobile-Optimized so you don’t lose the people surfing on a mobile device.

They have created a short intro video on YouTube explaining why you need this new software.

Now, you can collect leads and promote products in the Facebook News feed with this new software. It’s newly improved and enhanced from the earlier version.

IM NewsWatch has 3 bonuses for our readers that you won’t want to miss. We have uploaded them to the JVZoo download page for people who buy from our link.

Bonus 1
SOCIO CONTEST APP: Host photo contests on Facebook that will trigger viral growth in your fanpages.
Bonus 2
VIRAL COUPON MACHINE: Setup viral discounts on your websites and generate massive buyer traffic on autopilot.
Bonus 3
SOCIAL COMMERCE APP: Build highly profitable eCommerce store inside Facebook in minutes.

It goes live at 11 AM EST Feb 9. but if you register now, they will grant you early access. and you’ll have a chance to win a free copy. Don’t delay; this software lets you build your list in a professional, effective way, from the world’s largest traffic source.

Check it out here: Social Engage.

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