Gail says, “Getting started writing anything – a book, an article, a brochure or video sales letter – means you are faced with a blank page, lots of white space and racing thoughts. Somehow you need to put those thoughts into words on your white space so they make sense to your readers.

As a content creator I get phone calls and emails about how to get started writing or asking for help to relieve the pervasive fear that the writing won’t be good enough, won’t get read or won’t be interesting.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a video that Bob Newhart did even more years ago. In it he plays a psychologist who charges $5.00 for any office visit. He guarantees that he can cure your issues in 5 minutes or less”.

How to Write Great Content for the Internet Marketer – Part Two

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*This blog post was submitted by Gail Trahd.

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