Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. If you have a good offer then without traffic, you have nothing; with traffic, you have a going business.

Nate Landau has developed a simple way to use Google+ to get loads of free traffic, traffic from people who subscribe to your Google+ account and (because Google search ranks Google+ well) traffic from searches.

The marketer’s dilemma is “How do attract traffic from Google+ correct without alienating my friends and followers?”

Landau has tackled that thorny problem in his new training, Google+ Marketing Secret 2.0. In Landau’s words, this is a “game changer.”

He starts with the basics, and the goes on to more advanced topics, such as:
• How to encourage your audience to click “+1″ button, as well as visit the page (a sale page or opt-in page, usually) that you recommend
• How to get lots of followers to opt in to your Google+ circle account for for almost no expense
• The easiest and fastest way to get “+1″ votes and new subscribers for your Google+ account
• Tips and techniques you can use to enhance your reputation among your followers
• Ways to use Google+ features as a way to engage your audience in a conversation.

The training goes on to also show how to use Google Hangouts and Google Events

Google has offered marketers a wonderful tool, and it’s free. It would be unfortunate to miss that opportunity.

Get your copy here: Google+ Marketing Secret 2.0.

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