Paul Smithson is well known in internet marketing circles (or at least his product is). For about 10 years, Smithson has produced the well-known website builder, XSitePro.

After the success of XSitePro, Smithson created additional software that marketers have also embraced: XHeaderPro, XCommentPro and more.

Smithson has run his business as a “one man show”, and now, he has decided that it is time to retire. To celebrate, and to give you one last chance to get his products, he is holding a Closing Down Sale.

He is making his products available, for one last time, in one huge set of DVDs. In short, there’s a massive collection (over 20 gigabytes of content), of pretty much everything he has done over the last 10 years, including:
• XSitePro: Award-winning Web Site Design Software
• XHeaderPro: Header and Banner Design Software
• XCommentPro: Add Interactivity To Your Website in Minutes
• Complete Guide to Website Building Course : Takes Website Training to a New Height
• Complete Guide to Traffic: Traffic Generation on Steroids
• Complete Guide to Design: Discover the Secrets of Successful Design
• Guru Guide to Traffic: Ten in-depth interviews with ten traffic generation experts
• XMailWrite: The key to success online – email deliverability software
• Dozens of Exclusive Interviews with the top Internet marketing brains on the planet

And that is just the beginning, there’s also:
• Hundreds of Templates
• Thousands of Headers
• Over 28,000 Buttons
• Reports
• and lots, lots, lots more

All delivered on 5-DVDs, over 20 gigabytes of goodies. Thousands of dollars of content.

He will be opening the doors at 10am EST today.

Here are some of the comments by his customers:

“It’s the best bargain money can buy!” — Sterling, USA
“I have to say I was not prepared for the sheer enormity and quality of the content you have crammed in and made available for such a ridiculously cheap price.” — Ian, Derby, UK
“If you miss this one you have missed one truly fantastic offer!” — Jack, Oklahoma, USA

Remember, it’s over $3,000 worth of products, training, graphics, templates, headers, videos, mp3s, PLR, interviews and a lot more.

But there’s one fly in the ointment. Since he is selling it on DVDs, which he will mail to you, he had to buy a particular number of DVD sets. So he can’t sell an infinite number; once he sells out of his DVDs he goes into retirement. So if you want to get in on this bargain, you need to act quickly.

Get your copy here at 10 AM EST:: Paul Smithson’s Closing Down Sale.

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