Online marketers need to learn that appearance matters. If your site or your product doesn’t look good, people will believe the content is not good. On the other hand, attractive sites and products are perceived to have valuable content.

That’s why “covers” are added to e-books. On a physical book, the cover serves a practical function of protecting the pages inside. On an e-book, there’s no practical function, only an aesthetic one. They are there to make the product look good.

This lesson applies to all aspects of your marketing communication. For example, how do your links look? Are they a collection of random characters? Or do they actually contain words that tell what the link is about?

Using “ugly’ links in your business (very long links or links that are gibberish) may be costing you sales.

If the link tells what it is for, it will get a lot more clicks than ugly links do.

If you’re using services like Googl Shortener, TinyURL or your results may be even worse. These services are used by spammers, so you can be guilty by association.

In light of the frequent spam, Facebook has blocked those services. you can’t share one of their links in Facebook any longer.

To deal with these problems, Joshua Zamora, Brad Spencer and Jide Neye are releasing WP Sales Chimp at 11 AM EDT.

This new software lets you to create, customize, track and analyze all your marketing links inside a single central dashboard. with this software you can:
•Create pretty links without leaving your site
•Turn keywords on your site into clickable links with just a click
•Import multiple links at once with its link importer
•Track clicks on your links so you’ll know which are working hardest for you (it can exclude hits from bots from the statistics)

WP Sales Chimp is a WordPress Plugin. So it is easy to install and easy to use. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With a little effort you can use attractive links that increase your results.

For a few days in this grand opening sale, you can get it for a reduced price. Get it here: WP Sales Chimp.

During this grand opening, IM NewsWatch has some attractive bonuses to offer you. See them here: IMNW Bonuses for WP Sales Chimp.

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