Eamon Amett says, “Understanding the risks to your personal reputation is the first step in reputation management. Once the risks are understood, the next step is to proactively manage your reputation online. Social media is one of the easiest places to make mistakes with regard to managing an online reputation, but it is also one of the most effective places to proactively manage reputation as well.

It is important to remember that anything posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are out there forever. Even if you immediately delete a status update on Facebook or a Tweet on Twitter, there is a very real possibility that the information was stored. In fact, there are even some websites whose specific purpose is to track Tweets that have been deleted and publicize them. One example is Politwhoops, which archives Tweets made and deleted by politicians, and sorts them by state, party, and position“.

What To Add And What Not To Add On Your Facebook Profile


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