Most marketers have heard of It has thousands of sellers that are willing to do almost any kind of work for you.

And it only costs you $5, a bargain if ever there was one. And you get work done quickly that you don’t have the time for or the skills for.

You may say there’s no way that could be a good business for the seller; too much work, too little pay. And, normally you would be right. However, there is an exception.

If you could create the product (a video, an article, a piece of software, etc.) once and sell it to hundreds of people, then all those $5 sales could add up to be worth your while.

Jay Boyer saw the power of these “cash cows” available when using Fiverr this way. He created a printable manual and videos (he calls them Fiverr Factory) that show:
• How to pick a niche where you know there’s high demand
• How to siphon hot leads onto your own private buyer’s list
• How to start your Fiverr business in less than 23 minutes
• How to create and sell exactly the right kind of gigs
• How to build enthusiasm in all your buyers so they provide social proof
• How to get buyers to pay more for your gigs
• How to list your Fiverr gig the way for better results
• How to deliver these gigs in 27 seconds

To top it all off, Boyer shares a way to get products to sell on Fiverr for free. So if you don’t have the skills to create your own product, you can still use his methods.

The only drawback is that he is ending his sale on 12 September, so you don’t want to delay. Get your copy here: Fiverr Factory.

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