This new software is the second-biggest announcement of yesterday. Too bad Apple got in the way with its multiple announcements.

But for marketers, PressPlay may be the more important announcement, despite all the hype around the new Apple consumer hardware and services.

If you are looking for a flexible, powerful video player solution, PressPlay is the place to look.

The creators, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen, learned from all the popular player solutions previously available, They made their new player superior to all of them.

Here are some of the things you will see in PressPlay
• A Page Builder with dozens of templates for landing pages, sales pages, etc., to make your page building simple
• A bundle of video skins to dress up your player
• Integration with the key systems marketers need, like Amazon S3, AWeber, MailChimp, GoToMeeting, YouTube, Facebook, WordPress and more
• The ability to put buttons inside the video (as well as on the page) so people won’t overlook the call to action
• SMART Video Features and Behavior Features (unique features to make your video more engaging. For example, auto-stopping if the viewer scrolls away;restarting when they scroll back)
• Advanced Analytics, so you’ll know how long people are listening and how many people drop off at each point.

It will play YouTube videos, videos you upload to your site, Amazon S3 videos. That’s real flexibility.

You can put your videos on:
■ WordPress sites
■ Facebook
■ A lightbox overlay
■ An HTML site
■ A squeeze page, sales page or landing page

That’s even more flexibility. But this is only the beginning of what you can do with PressPlay. You need to watch the demo to get the whole story.

Sorry, Apple. New phones are nice, but this is a real tool an online marketer can use.

Check out this new tool for yourself; get a copy before they start charging by the month, here: PressPlay.

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