Have you ever wondered, “How can I convert my disengaged visitors into subscribers, and even more important, into paying customers?”

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen just finished creating a full training series in which they share their tested answers to this question.

In this free series, they explore how to create and use Video Sales Letters, and they give you a step-by-step Copy & Paste system that you can use to make your own video sales letters.

Ultimately, this will be a set of four videos. One is available now, and the second will be available tomorrow.

Along with tis first free Free VSL Training Video, they are including free printble Mindmap and Worksheets to help you put their principles into action.

In this first video in the series, Matt Thompson is the presenter, and he shows you:
• Why you need to be using video on your sales pages, lead pages, and blogs,
• How you can deploy Video Sales Letters to boost your online earnings
• His proven 10x Conversion-boosting, No-Fail VSL formula
• How they are able to Double Conversions, Triple Leads, and Quadruple Sales by giving up old-style text sales letters and using video sales letters instead

This training is useful for anyone who has been wanting to get started with video, but doesn’t know how. After all, it’s free and it’s by an experienced marketer who shares his own tips.

For the next 7 days, there is no cost to enjoy the video training hereFree VSL Training Video.

P.S. Don’t forget to download their 10x, No-Fail VSL Formula Mindmap and VSL Worksheet.

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