Ryan Harris says, “If you’re a marketer for a North American company, chances are high that you send commercial email to consumer or business recipients in Canada. You may be aware, then, that new commercial email regulations are being introduced as law in Canada.

Called the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, the legislation is designed to deter spammers from targeting Canadian consumers and to provide Canadian law enforcement officials with more effective methods for combating malicious senders.

At the core of the new legislation is what Canada defines as “commercial electronic message,” or CEM. So what constitutes a CEM? According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, a CEM includes any electronic message that encourages participation in a commercial activity, including, but not limited to, offering, advertising, or promoting a product, a service, or a person. The law applies to all businesses or persons sending CEMs, regardless of whether there is expectation of profit”.

The New Anti-Spam Law in Canada: A Primer for Email Marketers


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