Your sales are automatically improved when you sell what people are searching for because you are giving them what they want.

Google Trends, for example, shows you what people are currently interested in. Find out what Google Trends (and Yahoo has a similar service) has to say about the most popular searches are, and then you can offer related products.

You need content related to the current hot topics, of course, content on your site people can read or watch, plus content to sell.

Eric Holmlund is offering content about the frequently trending topics, such as various entertainment stars, media figures and more. He calls this huge package his Hot Topic Firesale.

In this firesale package, he includes:
• E-books on the trendy topics
• Articles to put into your blog
• Enough content that you could create an offline magazine or online e-zine
• Whole products that you could sell, even selling them with resale rights if you choose.

Holmlund’s practice is to run a firesale for a specific amount of time, usually one week. True to form, this one is only available through July 14, so time is short.

Celebrities are always trending on Google and Yahoo, so Holmlund is giving you a lot of content about major celebrities.
1. You get 50 articles about the biggest celebrities.
2. You get 25 articles about popular movies.
3. You get 25 articles about popular TV shows.

4. You get 10 e-books, on topics such as “How to Make Friends with a Celebrity”, “How to Survive the End of the World”, “Selfie Secrets” and more.

All these PLR books and articles can be reused and revised any way you want You can even put your name on the book as the author.

All this original content can be yours today (until Midnight, July 14) for just $20.

Get it here: Hot Topic Firesale.

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