Anyone can make money from selling products on Facebook Fanpages. The questions is “How much money?” Most people make very little and it takes them a bi9g investment of time to do so.

Hero Tower Power User is software designed to help you earn more in less time.

The way to earn more is to sell in more niches. The problem is that it takes a lot of effort to manage a page for one niche; managing multiple niches can quickly become unwieldy. Unless you have Hero Tower Power User .

Typically, marketing on Facebook is a multi-step process:
1. Pick any proven niche you want – there are thousand and thousands
2. Create a quick Facebook page for the niche
3. Attract some likes (you can buy these, if need be, on Fiverr)
4. Place your offers on the page: maybe t-shirts, CPA offers or a squeeze page offering an ethical bribe
5. Rinse and repeat for each niche you want to enter.

The average Facebook marketer who is doing well probably manages pages in 30-40 different niches. This is enough for a smart marketer to earn at least five figures a month, according to Ross Carrel, the creator of Hero Tower.

With this new software, this is practical because now you can manage all your Fcebook pages from one dashboard.

You can also update each of your pages with the most proven and engaging content and do it on pure auto-pilot.

And you can integrate ads and offers into all of your pages. Plus, you can update them all dynamically, with a few simple clicks whenever you want to publish a new offer.

Facebook marketers can finally scale up their operations to get a meaningful pay-back for all their work, and do it with less work than before.

There’s no way you could handle all those niches by yourself. Either you hire several virtual assistants to help you or you invest in this software, which will automate most of the work.

You can learn more and get started with it here: Hero Tower Power User .

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