If you have enjoyed the free samples of the traffic wisdom of Mike Filsaime,Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly, in the three free training videos they have shared, you will be interested in getting the details of their complete Traffic Genesis program.

There were a lot of insights into marketing on Facebook in the three training videos; plenty of tips to help you begin using Facebook advertising. But if you want to be more than a “beginner”– if you want to master the art of advertising– they have a lot more to share with you in the full Traffic Genesis program.

Watch the final Traffic Genesis video, in which they finally explain what the rest of their program can do for you.

You might wonder, “Are these guys for real? How do I know they are the genuine article?” Well, they have both been in the online marketing business for more years than IM NewsWatch has, and that’s a long time. Second, they have been successful, very successful. As a testimony of how well they have done, they are financially able to give a new Mercedes to their 2 top-selling affiliates (plus smaller rewards to other top affiliates.)

They know their stuff, and it has paid them well, and now they want to show you how it’s done, too.

They say that if you use Facebook well, you can get 10 times your current earnings with the traffic Facebook sends you. And, by following their guidance, you can reduce the cost of your Facebook ads dramatically.

As you know if you have watched their videos, Mike and Andy have brought in Laura Betterly, their own traffic consultant, to show you the methods she has used in promoting their products.

She brings lots of experience to this training, and she has produced profitable results for Mike and Andy and many other clients.

Besides the spot-on training in Traffic Genesis, they are including nearly $5,000 in bonuses. And there’s one more major bonus, directly from IM NewsWatch:
■ If you invest in Traffic Genesis from this ad, IM NewsWatch will give you a one-month banner ad on our home page at no charge.

The first buyer to send your Paypal receipt to bonuses imnewswatch.com will receive an ad in the IM NewsWatch header. There are 6 ad spaces in the side bar for the next 6 buyers, in the order received. Buyers after that will receive an ad in our email newsletter.

These ads usually cost $200 for the header ad and up to $175 for the side bar ads. This offer is only available for marketing products that make sense for our readers. And it’s only for the first 7 buyers here:Traffic Genesis. This offer expires July 4, 2014.

This is a major opportunity to get in on the growth potential Facebook can offer your business.

Watch their final video before you spend any more money on traffic. You owe it to yourself. Watch it here: Traffic Genesis.

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