Watch over the shoulder as Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins show you some tips for getting more traffic from Facebook.

They, along with Laura Betterly, explain how to upgrade your traffic through taking advantage of Facebook’s efficient user profiling system. You have no idea how much data Facebook has about each of its users, reams of data about you, me and the other millions of users.

Facebook makes all this data available to marketers so they can target their marketing campaigns with expreme precision. You just need to know what Facebook can provide and choose the viewers of your ads with care, based on all the data.

This third video goes into this wealth of information in some depth.

Along with this training video, they are also giving you a printable process map and 4 expert interviews with additional free information on building traffic to your site.

Click to see the third video in the set of Full-Length Video Tutorials, just click.

Traffic Genesis video 3

Their new product launch comes tomorrow. When they launch they will remove the free videos and the downloadable sales aids they have made available. Don’t miss this chance. Get your free content now: Facebook traffic tricks.

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