Google is picky about what backlinks it favors. Get too many of the wrong kind, and your site drops in the search results and may never be seen again.

What’s the wrong kind? Things like:
• Buying links or Link Exchanging
• Using Automated Programs or Services to create links directly to your site
• Text advertisements that pass Page Rank
• Low-quality directory or bookmark site links
• Forum comments for backlinking
• A large number of links that were created at the same time
• A large number with the same anchor text

In short, anything that looks like spam.

Your backlinks need to be natural, and they need to occur over a wide range of other sites, with random (but niche-related) anchor text, and posted at random, spaced-out times and dates.

That’s the kind of backlinks Jason Cuevas builds in his new service, called Quality Backlinks at an unbeatable price.

Panda and Penguin algorithm changes don’t bother these links because they are manual links created by real people who know Google’s sensitivities and work to avoid sensitive areas.

Your niche is researched and sites for backlinks are chosen carefully to be relevant to your niche.

Cuevas reports that they use two-tier linking: they create links to sites that link to your site. That way sites linking to you are themselves raised in search results, making links from them to you more powerful tools.

Their pricing is good, better than average for this service. Find out more here: Quality Backlinks at an unbeatable price.

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