The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “Why The Facebook-WhatsApp Deal Is Bad For Users”.

Selena Larson says, “In Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, it’s easy to see who comes out on top. Less clear is who will wind up getting the shaft, though it seems highly likely that WhatsApp’s users are going to come out on the losing end.

The deal nets the social network a fast-growing, international user base and some street cred in the burgeoning global-messaging market, where Facebook had long been a marginal player. It also takes out a social competitor that one day could have potentially threatened Facebook’s dominance. And while $19 billion is a breathtaking sum—it’s the largest venture-backed acquisition in history—it’s still eminently affordable for the social giant“.

Why The Facebook-WhatsApp Deal Is Bad For Users


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