Most webmasters rely on a high search engine placement to bring in traffic to their site. Even if you are buying PPC or PPV ads, you don’t want to ignore Google and Bing completely. They still can bring you considerable traffic.

So either way, it is smart to know what problems the search engines find in your site. Fix these problems and they will lift your ranking. That means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales.

New York marketer, Luther Landro discovered his traffic dropped in November on two of his sites. He sifted through all the data he could find and uncovered several relatively small coding errors on these sites, and he suspected they were caught by an upgrade to Google’s algorithm.

He fixed the problems, and sure enough, his traffic rebounded. Not just to its pre-fall level, but far higher than ever before. He was getting over four times as much traffic as when he hit the bottom.

He knew he was onto something. To make finding the errors easy, he had software built (he calls it SEO Dragon) that would scan a site in moments and identify the traffic-destroying errors on the site.

To prove that this improvement was no fluke, he tested this software on dozens of sites, and and his results are remarkable:
Discovery #1: Over 90% of websites tested had at least 3 alerts generated by the software. If these problems were fixed, it could quickly boost their Google rank, and might double their organic traffic. Maybe they would see a 4x increase as Landro did.
Discovery #2: The average site was getting about half the number of unique visitors it could have received. But obscure Google ranking penalties had limited their potential success.
Discovery #3: A lot of sites, these days, are built on the WordPress foundation, and these sites are especially vulnerable. Many of them use the default WordPress configuration, and that’s a big SEO problem. Unless they changes from the default, they will continue to be penalized by Google. Change the settings, and Google starts to smile on the site.

In fact, Landro found that on average, sites making changes to the problems the software finds doubled their traffic in about 3 weeks time. And all from a few changes that are easily made.

Landro is now offering copies of SEO Dragon software, which runs on Windows 7, 8 or Vista, not on the website itself. That means that you can use it to analyse as many sites as you want. It could be a service that you offer to clients. Doubling their site visitors should be worth a nice fee to you.

If you care about how many people view your site, check out the whole explanation of this new software here: SEO Dragon.

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