John Jarvis has built a lot of web sites. When WordPress came along and made site building so easy that anyone can do it (you no longer need to be an IT pro), he turned his attention to building sites using this new tool.

Now Jarvis has created a tool to help you get into your own high-quality WordPress site. He calls it The $7 MONEY MAKING SYSTEM X-TREME.

This kit consists of three parts:
• 1000 royalty-free graphics you can use on all your sites
• Over 100 sound tracks you can use to add interest to your sites
• A complete set of training videos showing you how to build your WordPress site from free WordPress software

In addition he includes bonuses that will help you build an ecosystem around your WordPress site:
1. Step by step Facebook Fan Page training
2. Software to create professional lead capture pages
3. More announced bonuses and unannounced bonuses

Jarvis reports that the ranking method he outlines in his training has ranked his website on page 1 and it is sticking there after some time has passed. And this happened even though it is an empty website

He calls this training and resource package The $7 MONEY MAKING SYSTEM X-TREME because that is the price he started selling it at. However, he has set up a dime sale, and the price has now reached $9.50 and is still rising.

If you want to build a successful WordPress site, look into this new resourse kit here: The $7 MONEY MAKING SYSTEM X-TREME

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