In my office, I have some dead spots, where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach very well. The result is that the speed drops significantly, or sometimes even stops altogether. That can be bad news for your efficiency.

So, I am interested in whatever can be done to improve our WiFi results, including an article I read today. As reported on, there is a “simple change” you can make to improve your WiFi reception so you can reach your whole area at a normal speed. It involves “improving” your router’s antenna with a home-made reflector.

The problem? It doesn’t usually work. There are several reasons. For example, most newer routers don’t have a visible antenna to amplify with a reflector. Also, the reflector may help the reception in one location, but it will hurt reception elsewhere in your space, since it blocks the signal for locations hehind it. Third, the article recommends placing your router in an attic, which can be a disaster if your attice gets hotter than 108 degrees F (or 40 degrees C) since the electronics in your router can be destroyed by the heat. Of course, many offices and apartments don’t have an attic available, anyway, even if the idea worked and if the equipment were not destroyed.

There are useful ideas on other solutions to the problem that are included in the comments on the post. As one commenter points out, this is a financial site, not a technology site. Get your technology advice elsewhere.

Maximize your WiFi Range

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