Webinars frequently have a 20% conversion rate, far higher than typical online and email advertising. Discover the right way to employ webinars in your marketing, and your sales may escalate.

Stephen Renton, a marketer’s marketer (literally; he has assisted many big-name marketers in their product launches) has used webinars in his work for years.

Renton says, “Online Events are usually a major factor in getting over the six-figure mark with a launch these days and they’re absolutely ESSENTIAL to hitting the quarter-million dollar mark and beyond.

So he has created Webinar Alchemy with two parts: training to show you how it’s done and software to help you do it. He says with this guidance, you can completely remove the barriers to webinar success.

You are getting three pieces of software to give your webinars special zing:
Online Event Contest App for automated audience engagement & retention. This easy-to-use software helps you get your audience fully engaged and helps you tap into viral traffic. It runs simple contests to generate buzz for your event.
Google+ Hangouts Newscaster Software (with Advanced Training.)
• Access to Webinar Autoplay software so you can automatically replay your webinars and generate recurring profits totally hands-free

The training in Webinar Alchemy takes you step-by-step through the exact strategies and tools that are working best right now. Claim your share of profits that webinars can create.

If you want to market more products, webinars may be your solution. Renton may have the tools you need to move into webinar marketing quickly and successfully.

Check out all the details of this new product here: Webinar Alchemy

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