The Google landscape is changing rapidly. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results. As a result, to be successful getting organic traffic, you need to to keep on top of the changes.

Google has made two algorithm changes one after the other in the last few weeks. First, the Hummingbird update, and then the Penguin 2.1 update. People are scrambling to adjust their businesses so they avoid ruin.

To learn a simple and effective way to stay on top of the recent Hummingbird & Penguin 2.1 updates, check out this free short 5 min video that Oz has just released:Ant Metamorphosis Video.

In the video, Oz reveals a 5-Step formula that he uses to achieve multiple Page One rankings with almost the same amount effort that other use to achieve a single Page One ranking.

Oz calls this technique the “Special Deal technique” because he gets 5 or more Page One rankings for the price (i.e., the work) of getting one.

The free 5 minute video will only be up until Midnight EDT, he says, so go now to discover the overlooked backlinks that are more effective than the overused Web2.0 backlinks that everyone seems to be using.

you can see the video (and download a report with the main points) here: Ant Metamorphosis Video

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