Liz Tomey is a marketer and marketing teacher who has been in this business since 1998. She has built several profitable businesses, including My IM Guru and Biz Model Guru. Besides building her own business, she has built a clientele of coaching students.

She just announced a recorded coaching program, available to all of us, not just those able to pay for her more expensive personal coaching. She calls it First List Profits.

For a long-term online business, you really need to build a mailing list, a list of people interested in your niche. For example, IM NewsWatch has built a list of thousands of people interested in online marketing. When you have a list like this you can send them news, training, and advertisements and know that each email will be opened by people who are excited by your topic and have in interest in what you have for sale.

Certainly, you need to provide them quality content that will help them with their niche-related problems and fears. But you can also use the list to earn money to pay the bills.

You can start offering products to them that address their concerns and solve their problems. You may create the product yourself, or you may become an affiliate for someone else’s product. Over time, you will probably do both.

How do you get a list like this? That’s what Liz Tomey wants to show you. In First List Profits she explains new, fresh ways to find interested people and invite them to join your list.

Tomey shares her personal list-building process in this new training, including:
• The 5 vital steps you need to take to build a list that can bring you nice profits
• Her exact steps to find profitable niches that you can actually make-money in
• Sources for finding niches that make you money and exactly how you can use them to find profitable niches
• Ways to create free offers that will make people want to jump right onto your list
• Her entire blueprint to creating a product by leveraging the knowledge of others

This is just the beginning of what she shares in this new training. Find out more and get your copy here before the price (now under $12) rises further: First List Profits

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