Content syndication refers to placing your content in article directories, social media sites and on other web properties, so that it gets the widest readership. Often, for improved SEO, the content is modified so that the additional versions of it are not deprecated as “duplicate content.”

David Coss (he calls himself Cossack) has created software to automate syndicating your content to nearly 30 major web 2.0 sites. He calls this software, appropriately, Link Automatic.

Nothing the software does violates any of the terms of service on these sites, Coss says, so using the software should be safe.

With this new software, you can take advantage of:
• Your content on authority sites, modified to be unique each place
• Links from authority sites back to your main site
• A single central command center for your content in all of your social accounts
• Doing all your work in less time and for less cost than ever before

The social signals created by this syndication can give your site greater visibility, which has to be good.

Find out all the facts here before you buy: Link Automatic

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