There are lots of things involved in a marketing business. So many, that it’s easy to get bogged down, turning from task to task so you don’t do anything well, and often leave things undone.

Outsourcing can simplify your business so you can concentrate on the important things, the things that really create your business direction, not the mundane things that take time, but don’t contribute a lot.

Ben Clemons is an experienced outsourcer. He has several “virtual employees” in the Philippines, and with their help he is building his business much faster than he do do it alone.

Clemons has released Outsourcing Simplified, a guide that shows how to become a successful outsourcer.

This course (containing a printable guide and videos) dives deep into the subject and provides you lots of important tips you wouldn’t think of yourself.

The 16 videos (and he also gives you an audio version) are easy to understand. They show you the best ways to find the right freelancers and Virtual Assistants. The well-written guide tells you what to outsource, how to outsource it and how to find the best people to outsource to.

If you want to know how to properly hire a freelancer, and how to handle them once they are hired, check out Clemons’s training here: Outsourcing Simplified

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