Noah Whitmore was unhappy with the limitations of pop-up software for WordPress. The existing plugins didn’t work well with mobile devices and were restricted in what they could display.

So he created his own pop-up builder, and he calls it: Popit Plugin.

Here’s what it can do for you:
• Instead of limiting you to a boring rectangle, it can pop up a balloon or thought bubble with your message
• When the visitor hovers their mouse over your message, it becomes animated.
• Besides text in the pop-up window, Popit Plugin supports a clickable image and video
• It lets you control the timing of the pop-up: Upon arrival, after a delay, upon exit, when the back button is clicked. You decide.

• It’s unblockable, so you know your message will get seen.

This is a flexible, professional-looking pop-up maker, with advanced support for mobile devices, as well.

Check it out here: Popit Plugin

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