No more boring fonts with G-font Plugin.

Face it: the default WordPress font is dull (adj.: boring, bland, blah, vanilla, same ol’- same ol’). It does nothing to enhance the excitement of your message. But Google has free fonts that can dazzle your visitors.

Google fonts can be three-dimensional, or have a drop-shadow, or have outline only, and be in many colors, plus many other effects. That’s in addition to the basic variations of serif and sans-serif fonts of many styles.

With the rich variety of fonts Google offers free, you may never have to buy a font. And one more thing: Google fonts are all internet safe, they will always appear on the visitor’s browser the way they look on yours. That’s not always true of other companies’ fonts.

So why isn’t everyone using Google fonts? Well, there a bit of work involved, especially if your site is a WordPress site. But now, that’s all changed.

Alex Safie has just released G-font Plugin, and it makes it easy to take advantage of all the power of Google fonts.

This new plugin makes it easy to use over 600 varieties of Google fonts on your site- all without any programming or design expertise needed.

This easy to use plugin will dress up your site, and make your visitors take notice. Your site won’t look like every other site on the web.

Take a look at samples of what this plugin can do and then get your copy here: G-font Plugin

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