Ryan Martin has a long track record of Google Adsense earnings. He lets Google place ads on his site and is paid a commission when someone clicks on one. Although other people are disparaging the earning potential of Adsense, he is turning a profit with it.

Now, Martin has released Adsense Armageddon to show us how he does it.

He doesn’t rely on mini-sites or exact match domains. They used to work, but now they provide little boost to your earnings. Now, you need an authority site and Martin shows us how to achieve that lofty status.

This approach, he says, avoided the Panda and Penguin nightmares. His sites were not hurt by Google’s crackdown. They continued earning him good money.

In Adsense Armageddon, Martin shows you:
• How to build an Adsense site and and rank it high on Google’s list
• How to do SEO that will benefit you in the post-Panda, post-Penguin environment
• How to create your site so it will outlast any future Google algorithm change
• How to get content written for your site at minimal cost

In sum, Martin says that Adsense Armageddon gives you all you need to know to build a durable, page 1 business that will stand the test of time.

Find out more here: Adsense Armageddon

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