Amber Jalink is a novelist with 9 published novels who is also a systematic writer. One thing she has noticed is that outlining the plot in advance in detail speeds up the process dramatically, and helps avoid the dreaded writer’s block.

So, she creates many plot outlines (over 155 and counting) and turns some of them into actual novels. She has created far more outlines than she will ever turn into novels. Now, she has decided to bundle some and offer them to other writers who have trouble knowing where to start or who get stuck trying to to think of interesting plots.

Jalink intentionally makes her outlines adaptable so the author can add elements of mystery or suspense or science fiction or whatever genre they choose.

This is a huge marketing niche. about $1.5 Billion per year. And so many of these purchases are made on impulse. You don’t have to be a great writer; you just have to catch people’s attention. If that size seems attractive, Jalink can help you get started

She has just published Instant Romance Novel Plots, to show you how it’s done and lead you through the process.

Publishing on Kindle is the quickest way to market. And the Kindle marketplace is the largest book marketplace in the world, so Jalink suggests you focus on it.

It’s the story line that sells a romance novel. Get your plot right and your chances of success are much better. That’s where Jalink’s experience of plot writing can help you.

In Instant Romance Novel Plots, she gives you 20 professionally crafted plots that take you from Page 1 to (in most cases) “The End”. She leaves a few open-ended so you can write the ending you like.

One reviewer says, “The majority of these plots are fine for beginning writers who need every major plot twist spelled out, from initial contact to happily-ever-after resolution”. The others offer interesting ambiguities that more experienced writers will savor.

You just have to add “flesh” onto the skeleton Jalink provides. You choose the character names; you choose the time and place and life circumstances of the characters; you choose the dialogue. Make any other changes you choose, and you’re in business.

A few weeks of writing (possibly with the help of a ghostwriter), and you have a novel ready to publish on Kindle.

So if you want to be a published novelist, check out what Jalink has to offer here: Instant Romance Novel Plots. Don’t delay; the price rises next week.

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