A lot of backlinking strategies no longer have any SEO value and may even damage your SEO. But backlinks from authority sites are a different story. Authority blog commenting works for improving your ranking because the search engines know all of the comments and back links on these authority sites are individually moderated by the blog owner.

Based on this insight, David Henry created Comment Commander Pro software to find you the authority blogs in your niche that accept comments and supply “do follow” links for their comment authors. These comments will become a key part of your SEO strategy.

“Backlink spam” doesn’t bring success. It’s far better to have a few excellent links than to have 100 spammy links. With this new software, finding these authoritative linking opportunities becomes easy.

When you place intelligent comments on these authority sites, it does a couple of important thinks besides giving you a link noticed by the search engines:
• Since these are major sites, they get a lot of traffic and their visitors respect them. When your comment appears on this site, a lot of people see them and some of them click on them.
• Good comments enhance the worth of the authority blog. If you are consistent, you can impress the blogger and build a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.

Comment Commander Pro lets you do 5 kinds of searches. Each search can bring back up to 100 high-PR blogs (including GOV and EDU blogs if available) you where you can make comments.

This software builds a database of the URLs where you have comments, and lets you export your comments to BulkPing so you can make sure the search engines notice quickly.

 Comment Commander Pro also finds guest blogging opportunities in your niche, so you can have a variety of backlinks.

This new software goes live today. Get in on it from the beginning here: Comment Commander Pro

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