Is your site viewed as an authority in your niche? Being an authority makes all the difference in your ranking. And your ranking makes all the difference in your sales. In Authority Revolution, Josh Precht shows you how to build up your site to authority status.

Precht has created a step by step game plan on becoming authoritative. He has taken the guess work out of the process so you can know what to do and what to avoid to be successful.

Knowing the things to avoid is important. In fact, this aspect of SEO is as important, probably, as knowing the things to do. Google has a distaste for sites it considers “over-optimized””. Precht warns you against some practices that have been common in the past. Ignore these warnings and you can look forward to a “slap” from Google.

Precht delivers this crucial information both as videos and as a printable guide. You can use whichever fits your learning style and your time availability.

Plus, you are getting a mind map and a list of helpful resources. Check it out here: Authority Revolution

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