The upcoming July 15 launch of Rapid Content Wizard will be a major event in the internet marketing industry. In all his launches, Sean Donahoe invites affiliates to earn commissions by promoting his new product. Rapid Content Wizard is no exception.

In Donahoe’s recent launches, he has attracted many affiliates to help promote his products and he has paid them over $500,000 in commissions. They know he means business and they don’t mind putting their reputation on the line for his products.

He is looking for affiliates again for Rapid Content Wizard [JV offer]. It will sell for $27, and he is offering $13.50 commission on each sale (which is better for affiliates than $27 on every second sale, since you get paid even if you just make one sale.)

Donahoe seems to sincerely want his affiliates to profit from the launch of Rapid Content Wizard.

He has a lot of aids for affiliates, including swipes, training, and more. If you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing, here’s an easy way to get started.

Check out his JV information here: Rapid Content Wizard [JV Offer]