Econsultancy is hosting the ‘Festival of Marketing’ event in London on October 8-10.

The ‘Festival of Marketing’ team says, “The Festival of Marketing is where marketers meet to re-engineer the marketing discipline and multiply its impact on business.

It’s a week-long celebration of change, inspired by the Modern Marketing Manifesto from Econsultancy and Marketing Week, our take on the state of the discipline and the challenges every marketer should be focusing on.

In five interconnected events plus a Festival Fringe series, we’ll look at the disruptions, inventions, ideas and attitudes that put customers at the center of the universe and brands in orbit around them.

Marketing is changing far too fast for static events with narrow visions. The Festival of Marketing takes in the entire marketing landscape and projects it into the future.

No matter what kind of marketing you do or where you do it, you’ll find the ideas and inspiration to do it better:

FUNNELWhere marketing meets sales.
JUMPWhere marketing meets customer experience.
PunchWhere marketing meets the new creative.
CrunchWhere marketing meets data & analytics.
Digital Cream FXWhere marketing’s digital elite meets.
The FringeWhere marketing meets random acts of networking”.

‘Festival of Marketing’, London

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