David Henry has tackled the problem of getting higher search engine rankings in 2013, after the many revisions of ranking algorithms Google has made.

He has just released software to improve your rankings called Comment Commander Pro

Henry is convinced that through the proper backlinks you can still improve your site’s rank. Your goal would be to increase your site’s perceived authority and relevance through backlinks. To do that, you need to engage with the major influcencers in your niche to demonstrate your authority.

If you an find the major influencers in your niche, and get backlinks from their sites, many of their followers will (who are, after all, being influenced by them) will click through to yur site.

With Comment Commander Pro, you can quickly find the blogs of these influencers where they publish their content and leave well researched comments that encourage engagement.

No longer do you have to:
• Manually filter the blogs to find top blogs with “do follow” links for their comments
• Create text files to save the various comments you make
• Revisit the blogs individually to check for approvals
• Createi text files to submit to pinging sites for indexing
• Track and Reply to responses to your comments

With Comment Commander Pro, this is almost automatic.

Your backlinks will be easier to get and easier to use effectively with this new software. You can learn more here: Comment Commander Pro

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