The Tool No One Knows.

We all have heard of Google Analytics, but most of us know only the name, or at most a few high-level statistics we can view.

This is a real Google secret weapon for webmasters. If we take advantage of all it can do to provide us with actionable information, we can tune up our sites and make them far more productive for us.

With this powerful free tool, a world of information about our visitors is available to us. You can find out how the visitors arrived at your site, for example; search engine? typing in your URL? Clicking a link on some other site? Google knows and is happy to share this information with you.

When you take advantage of all the power of Google Analytics, you can dramatically boost your sales, your clicks, and your subscribers . It’s worth pursuing, if we only knew how.

Doug Perkins has just released Google Keys as a WSO to remove all the mystery surrounding Google Analytics.

This is a thorough training guide for Google Analytics (“GA”). It is arranged as a 7-week course, taking you step by step through the process of setting up your GA account. In our opinion, you don’t have to spend 7 weeks, but to get the most from your effort, you should take the time to actually implement each module before proceeding to the next, and this will take some time. How much depends on you.

Using this guide, you can get GA running on your site and then reap the rewards. To do that you need to add some lines of code to your site. Google Keys shows you how (with text and screen shots) to do it on a plain HTML site as well as a WordPress site. Since this is a bit tricky, you will be glad to have this guide to keep things straight.

But that is just one of the important steps in getting the most from GA. Once it is running, there are many things you can do to customize the data you receive. These options are explained and again you are led through the process For example, you can apply filters to your data to look at your visitors from UK or from some other country, to see whether their usage of your site differs from the usage elsewhere.

These filters are powerful; you can filter your data in many ways. Google Keys shows you how to set up multiple filters. You can even stack filters so that after one filter is applied (say, to show only UK visitors) you can then apply another (say, time of day of their arrival or duration on the site.) The data can be quite precise, limited only by your imagination.

You can even track advertising campaigns with GA. This guide shows you how.

If you aren’t a guru on GA, this low-priced guide will lead you through the whole process and give you the confidence to know it is within your grasp, even if you are a beginner.

The verdict: IMNW Approved

Note: This is intended to be an impartial review of this product. However, buying the product through the link in the review may result in a commission to IMNW.

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