No doubt: the smartphone app market is growing by leaps and bounds. And some people are getting rich by providing simple apps that a lot of people like.

The problem is that most of us aren’t programmers. Usually, there’s nobody here but us marketers. So what can we do to participate in this opportunity while it is still growing? A well-known marketer, Matt Rhodes has created Easy App Formula, a blueprint for marketers who want to build apps.

Rhodes says, “I couldn’t write a program or develop apps myself if my life depended on it. Yet, despite that, I’ve sold over $100,000 worth of my own apps and software. All I do is think up simple ideas and have the ideas turned into apps by programmers from all corners of the world.”

Rhodes created Easy App Formula so you could have the same opportunity he has had. He’s not afraid of your competition. The market is so huge there’s no way he could satisfy the demand. There’s plenty of opportunity to go around.

Rhodes says, ” It’s so easy to use that a 9-year-old can pick it up and have their own app built from scratch in a couple of hours or less.”

What makes it so easy is all the training you get from Easy App Formula. Rhodes includes 5 Instant Action Modules:
Module #1: Easy App Quick Start Formula
Module #2: Easy App Research Techniques
Module #3: Easy App Build Process
Module #4: Easy App Business Building
Module #5: Easy App Ideas & Case Study

With his guidance, Rhodes says, “you can get started and begin earning your first profit within a matter of days.”

Besides the training modules, Rhodes gives you 9 case studies of people who created apps and profited. Some of those apps were nothing more than a copy of a Kindle book packaged as an app.

The price is a surprisingly low $7. But it’s only on sale at that pricce until May 27, so go here now: Easy App Formula

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