Daniel Hall is holding a free webinar called Publish an Amazon Kindle eBook Today that Sells like Gangbusters tonight at 8 PM EDT, showing fresh techniques for improving sales of Kindle books.

In this webinar event Hall will show you everything you need to get international distribution for your content as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.

And what’s more, you can publish on Kindle without spending a dime to do it. Hall will show you how.

Don’t forget that Amazon sells more Kindle books than all other books (softcover/hardcover) combined. So the market is huge and can bring in a good income if addressed the right way.

Some of the things Hall will share in this webinar include:
• Get an Amazon Digital Text Platform account so you can start publishing immediately
• Use material already on your blog or hard drive to create your first Kindle ebook
• Quickly make an attractive ebook cover
• Actual steps in formatting and publishing your first ebook
• Pricing strategies so you squeeze the most profit out of each title
• Effective new strategies for selling more of your Kindle books with less effort

You can register for this useful webinar here: Publish an Amazon Kindle eBook Today

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