Don Westendorp wanted to know more about how visitors used his site. But he found that although there are programs that track people’s movements on the site, their information is limited and hard to extract and interpret, so he built Don’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker to give the data you need so you can take useful action.

Westendorp put a lot of good analysis in this plugin:
• A Dashboard that gives you summary information about visitor activities
• Heatmaps that show (a) where people tend to click or (b) where they just move their mouse
• Detailed recordings of what any individual (unidentified, of course) does on your site: clicked here, then went there, then moved to another page, etc.
• Real-time observation of visitor actions while they are n your site
• Exclusion list, so you can avoid recording bots and spiders, so your data shows real people

For just $37 (this week only; then it goes up) you can place this plugin on all your personal sites to gather this data. Use it to see user problems so you can make things easier to find.

Don’t delay; the next price increase (to $67) is coming soon. Go here now: WP Real Time Mouse Tracker

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