Really understanding your niche means you can address its problems better and get more traffic, and with more traffic you can get more sales.

Doing the right research to understand the niche is the key to better results. Maybe you have heard of “Oz”, the marketer responsible for the successful ANT series of products. With his new Ant Judge and Jury.

In the week since announcement, he has sold more than 1000 copies of Ant Judge and Jury. He has a long history of niche related products, all of them big sellers, and according so some buyers, this may be his best yet. Here’s what one man says:

“For those who haven’t heard of Oz then the telling thing from my point of view is there are people who claim to be experts and those who are the real trail blazers. Oz has done so much research into keywords, missing keywords, hidden keywords, keywords that should be there if you know where to look etc that he seems to regularly invent new vocabulary to describe the phenomena that he brings to our attention.
“My respect to you Oz.”
Jay Poole

Oz is a niche expert (niche marketing is what his ANT products have been addressing) has now come out with the one of the most comprehensive niche marketing tools. In fact, he has simplified niche research to the point where it is all copy-paste-click.

His Ant Judge and Jury software focuses on finding long-tail keywords that are searched for nearly as much as the root keyword. This relative search volume data isn’t provided by Google, so few people are aware of the value of these highly searched long-tail keywords. But with this new software, you can use them for greater profits.

Ant Judge and Jury will:
• Provide you with keyword matching data that Google doesn’t offer
• Find niches with high potential with a simple user interface for you; anyone can use it.
• Save its results so you can refer to them again and again

So much software runs only on a PC or only on a Mac, but Ant Judge and Jury runs on both.

It comes with videos and e-books to help you get the most out of your software.

Oz says he will be shutting down the sale soon. (After 1000+ sales, he doesn’t need to hold out for many more).The price is just $10.95. So check it out here without delay: Ant Judge and Jury

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