Mark Thompson his partnered with Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti to announce IntelliTheme, a new WordPress theme ideally suited to niche marketing.

Cooke and Magnotti built the first version of this theme 3 years ago.

In the last three years, they have built over 3000 successful websites using this theme. At the same time, they have observed the success of their sites and have improved the theme as they saw opportunities. As a result they are offering you a theme that has been battle-tested and has been proven to win.

This theme is strategically designed to promote click-throughs on your links (affiliate links or links to your own products.

There are many special benefits the theme provides<:
• Built-in split-testing capability that almost works on auto-pilot
• Built-in optimization for click-throughs
• Built-in analytics for pageviews, click-throughs, bounce rate and more
• A flexible set of design options and layouts to choose from

As with most WordPress themes, no tech knowledge is needed. This theme is suitable for any marketer. The layouts have been tested and proven to work, right out of the box.

You can get it with a single-site license (plus lifetime updates) for $17, or you can get an unlimited personal license for a dime-sale price currently under $30.

These are sale prices and the sale only lasts two more days. Get it here: IntelliTheme

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